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Starting point of the day
 2/2021  Increase chances of finding the new in the familiar with randomised starting points and other playback options. A feature inspired by Erica Azim.
Mbira dzaVaNdau
 2/2021  With the addition of the nowadays very rare hexatonic mbira dzaVaNdau, SR supports all major Zimbabwean mbira types.
Karimba and nyonganyonga animation
 12/2020  Karimba and nyonganyonga transcriptions get animated vizualization, too.

 11/2020  Most widespread a century ago, today almost vanished, SR supports this polymorphic member of the mbira family as the sixth instrument type.
New tunings
 10/2020  Favourite mbira dzavadzimu, hera, and njari tunings by mbira makers and players Fradreck Mujuru, Tute Chigamba, Rinos Mukuwurirwa, Newton Gwara, Chaka Chawasarira, Josam Nyamukuvhengu, Kenneth Kabaya

Analytic mbira notation
 7/2020  A powerful and expressive tool for analyzing and composing mbira pieces, and transforming their harmonic and rhythmic structure.

Learn more (click on the "Analytic" tab) »
Timbila sounds for mbira playback
 7/2020  Using samples of Augusto Manhic̀§a's mbila (and additional synthesized keys), you can now play back mbira dzavadzimu and matepe pieces with this gorgeous sound and tuning. Demo Video »
Cosmas Magaya / John Kunaka tuning
 7/2020  In memory of late mbira master Cosmas Magaya, the sound of his mbira, recorded in Feb. 2020, is now the new default for mbira dzavadzimu playback.
Animated Mbira
 6/2020  Animated visualization of mbira dzavadzimu and matepe scores.
Mbira Diversity growing
 6/2020  Sympathetic Resonances' Mbira Diversity group on Facebook meanwhile passed 1000 members.
The group has about 1/4 female and 3/4 male members who are currently located in (top 5): Zimbabwe 38%, South Africa 17%, USA 12%, UK 4%, and Mozambique 4%.
The Zonke Family album on presale
 6/2020  An outcome of a 4-nights recording session at Philophon studios in Berlin in March 2019, the matepe ensemble's first album will available in September.
Art of Mbira notations
 4/2020  New notations available to facilitate entering scores from Paul Berliner and Cosmas Magaya's book The Art of Mbira.
Interviews and recorded tunings
 2/2020  Meetings with Fradreck Mujuru, Jacob Mafuleni, Forward Kwenda, Tute Chigamba, Chaka Chawasarira, Silika Gomo, Rinos Mukuwurirwa, Newton Gwara, Cosmas Magaya, Leonard Chiyanike, Anthony Zonke, Chief Goronga, John Karima, Albert Chimedza, Kenneth Kabaya in Zimbabwe to discuss the SR project, mbira and tuning diversity, and preservation issues.

20+ of the makers' favoured tunings will be available on SR soon.

Learn to Play Mbira (with Forward Kwenda)
Fungai Gahadzikwa Mbira Song Book 1
 8/2019  As a convenience for his customers, Andy Fowler of started hosting transcriptions from his books on SR.
Example Piece »
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 5/2019 now forwards to
Matepe Music in Germany
 4/2019  In March 2019, Stefan Franke of Sympathetic Resonances had the pleasure of hosting The Zonke Family of matepe players at Berlin's Haus der Kulturen der Welt.