Using Groups

A group is a set of users of this website plus a set of pieces shared with the group. All group members may [un]share own pieces with the group. Group owners can add and remove members.

In order to keep things simple for new users, groups don't appear in the menu bar unless you are member of a group, or group creation is enabled for you (which you may request from the administrator).

Table of contents

Using groups (as member)

Sharing a piece with a group

Once you are member of one or more groups, "Share with group" appears behind the pieces in your pieces list.
It brings up the group sharing dialog with a number of options:
Pick the group to share with from the Group Name dropdown list. Check Enable editing if you want to enable group members to edit your (original) piece, and Enable duplication to enable them to save a copy of your piece.

Check Notify group to send a emails to all group members, containing the piece name and you as the sender, plus an optional message which you may type into the Message box.

Re-sharing a piece to change permissions

Once you shared a piece with a group, you can add or remove editing and duplication permissions by sharing the piece again with different settings.

Removing shared pieces from a group

Pick Groups from the menu bar to list all groups you are a member of.
The Pieces button gets you to a list of all pieces shared with the group.
Here you can press the Unshare button to remove your piece from the group altogether.

Managing groups (as owner)

Creating a group

Pick Groups from the menu bar, and press the Create Group button in order to create a new group.
In the subsequent dialog you may enter a name and a description of the new group:
Click Create and the new group appears in the group list.
Clicking the Details button allows you to change the name and description.

Deleting a group

Click Delete Group to delete your group.
A notification mail will be sent to all members, with an optional message which you may add in the subsequent dialog.

After deletion, pieces shared with the group are no longer accessible to the former group members.

Adding group members

The Members button gets you to the group's member list.
There, press the Add Members button.
In the subsequent dialog, enter one or more email addresses of other registered users in the Email address(es) box.
Check Notify via email to send a emails to all new members, containing the group name and you as the sender, plus an optional message which you may type into the Message box.

Removing group members

To remove a member from the group, press the Remove Member button in list on the members page.
The subsequent dialog allows you to notify the user about to be removed, and lists the pieces which are going to be unshared.

Removing shared pieces

As a group owner, you may not only remove your own pieces, but any pieces shared with the group.