There is no on-site user forum yet, but a bunch of mailing lists and Facebook groups:

SymRes Forum is our user forum, a mailing list for registered users.

SymRes Announce is an open (low-volume) mailing list for announcements regarding this site.

Both mailing lists are hosted at Google groups. Prior to August 2021, this Facebook group served as the user and announcements forum)

Mbira Diversity is SR's open Facebook group for mbira music of all sorts, and news related to this website's broader objectives.

"Timeless" posts are tagged by topic, to keep the wealth of information accessible and enjoyable:

Art of Mbira + Restless Dance Study Group is a closed Facebook group for studying Paul Berliner and Cosmas Magaya's The Art of Mbira and Mbira's Restless Dance (RD) books. A growing pool of transcriptions from RD is put on SR by group members for to facilitate learning. To join the pool, just send a note showing that you own the RD book.
Also enjoy favourite mbira tunes and videos on SR's Spotify and Youtube playlists!

Please don't hesitate to post any questions about using this site in the SymRes forum. If you have not yet signed up, just email