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Last update: 2023-03-23
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Eduardo Keni

Kalimba mudoko maker & player

Phone: +258 86 710 4863 (Sr. Malone's phone, who lives ~25km away; no whatsapp)
Place of residence: Behind primary school, Nhabese, Guro district, Manica province

Eduardo Keni, also known as Nyamalimba, makes and plays the Kalimba mudoko. He belongs to the Tonga ethnic group. His nickname "Nyamalimba" refers to his skill as a malimba player, as the kalimba is also called by people in his locality. Keni himself calls his instrument Kalimba mudoko (small kalimba).

(Cangola explains that the prefix "ka-" refers to something small in many Bantu Languages, whereas "ma-" means something big. The morpheme "-limba" itself means "strong".)


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Eduardo Keni with his friend José Malone
Sr. Keni with his son, still dressed for work


Kubara mwana kubverana (~Getting a child is an agreement between husband and wife, in marriage)

Uchariranyi chamunawe Pt.1 (~For what are you crying, man)

A proverbial phrase addressed to a man who lost most of his sons to neglect which resulted in their deaths. When the man began crying, his friends questioned why he was upset since he was responsible for his children's fate.

Listen to a transcription of a few cycles »

Ndiribe kurora Pt.4 (~I didn't marry)

Nkazi wanyakwawa nimuko (~It is prohibited to touch the wife of the leader [chief])

Kubara mwana nkupangana Margarida Pt.1 (~Getting a child is an agreement, Margarida)

Reka ntchanje nyakuparikiwa (~Don't be jealous, second wife [in a polygamous relationship])

Keni's instruments

Sekuru Keni's kalimba
Kachikasi (Resonator) with reptile skin
Newly made kalimba
Here is a virtual version of the kalimba on the first picture. Listen »
Virtual kalimba mudoko (click to enlarge)
Instrument information »
É baseado nesta gravação tecla a tecla:

Kalimba mudoko tuning pt.1

Kalimba mudoko tuning pt.2