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Last update: 2023-03-17
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José Malone

Kalimba mudoko player

Phone: +258 86 710 4863 (no whatsapp)
Place of residence: Lolongwe, Guro district, Manica province


(Coming soon...)
José Malone
Sr. Malone's wives, confirming that their husband's kalimba skills helped win their hearts
José Malone's brother


(Translation of the interviews below coming soon...)

Interview Pt.1

Interview Pt.2

Interview Pt.3


Ndinawurombo (~I am poor) Pt.1

Koroka mutsangaise Pt.1 (~Put the bullet in the gun ~Get prepared)

Reka kutamanga ambuya (~Don't rush, grandma)

Wandikweteka padiso Valio (~You hurt my eyes, Valio. ~You have offended me, Valio.)

Malone's instrument

This kalimba was build by Sr. Keni.
Sekuru Malone's kalimba
Kachikasi (resonator) with reptile skin