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Last update: 2023-03-06
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Félix Filipe Macequessa

Kalimba nkulu maker & player

Phone: +25 (coming soon)
Place of residence: Tseretse-Kama C village, Guro district, Manica province

(exact location coming soon))

Musical biography

(In Progress...)

Sr. Macequessa plays and makes the kalimba nkulu (big karimba) with a left index finger manual.

Waramba Kufuyika ~ You have denied to be helped

Tanga tichitandara ~ We were hanging out, enjoying ourselves

Instrument building

(In Progress...)

Macequessa's kalimba

Here is a virtual version of Sr Macequessa's instrument. Listen »
Virtual kalimba (click to enlarge)
Instrument information »
It is based on this key-by-key recording.

Kalimba nkulu tuning pt.1

Kalimba nkulu tuning pt.2