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Karimba: "TIC 155"

F (closest chromatic pitch)
Buzzers dampened.
Possibly Mang'anja or Cewa
Bell-shaped body, arched back side to side, white wood, quite worn.
Written on back in HT writing: Tulimba 1933. H: 18.0, W: at bottom 14.2. 16 keys incl. 6 in upper rank.
Cylindrical bar with ears lying flat. Rattle plate with 6 snail shells held in place with a wooden peg.
Home-made carry string broken.

Coll. H T 1933. (Plural of karimba is turimba. Kalimba-karimba are interchangeable,
it’s a flapped r/l which non-speakers interpret either way).
Instr. very playable and nicely in tune.
Please get in touch.
Grahamstown, South Africa

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