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Mbira dzaVaNdau "Danda" type: "TIC 136"

E (closest chromatic pitch)
Buzzers dampened.
Bonisa Sithole
Ndowoyo, Garahwa
Bar held by 5 bolts, quite crudely made, 29 keys, pine wood, H: 23, W: 22.3 at bottom, 22 at top, depth 3.5.
Aluminium rattle plate nailed on with 6 bottle tops. Keys have very high action, hardly been played.
Made by Bonisa Isaac Sithole, from Ndowoyo, Garahwa, in Jhb 1970.

Upper two notes (LU3'' and RU2'') synthesised from their octave counterparts.
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Grahamstown, South Africa

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