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Mbira dzaVaNdau "Utee" type: "TIC 137 Utee type"

B (closest chromatic pitch)
Buzzers dampened.
Chimanimani, Zimbabwe
Made from Mukwirambira wood, carved at back, zigzags and diamonds and poker worked, hollowed out to 5.5 cm, sides inward curving, slightly flaring.
H: 17.5, max W: 17.3, depth 4.2 at bottom, 2 at top. Rattle plate held under a cross bar, 8 bottle tops.
30 keys in 3 ranks. Bamboo backrest. Support plate at back has triangular indentations

Made to order for Andrew Tracey by a young worker at Hon. H. Amherst’s farm, Melsetter (now Chimanimani), May 1961.
Hardwood, unusual for Ndau mbira. Mukwirambira wood.
GWERURE was a song transcr for a sim type of mbira, from Mchekawaora, 31 July 1972, at Shora store Posto Rotanda, on road to Dombe, looking up at Chimanimani Mts.

The Utee mbira has 5 extra bass notes on R side of keyboard. Pictured in HT article in African Music as No.14.
Several left & right-hand keys which should be in unison are noticeably apart.

Upper three notes (LU/RU1''-3'') synthesised from their octave counterparts.
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Grahamstown, South Africa

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