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Njari with LT manual: "Phillip Nangle's Njari"

Kwangoma chuning
B (closest chromatic pitch)
No Buzzers.
Phillip Nangle
This njari has a consecutive range of ten bass keys, arranged in a way that the three common left index+thumb octave combinations can be played in both their normal position or an octave lower.
Recorded Feb. 2021 by Phillip Nangle.
Phillip notes about the tuning: The tuning is called “kwangoma chuning”. I arrived at it by ear using a hexatonic karimba from Chris Mhlanga, Harare as the starting point. The octaves are quite stretched. It evolved over many years by what pleased my ear.
Samples and images copyright: Phillip Nangle.
Phillip Nangle
Please get in touch.
Grosseto, Italy

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