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Mbira dzaVaNdau "Danda" type: "TIC 272"

G (closest chromatic pitch)
Buzzers dampened.
Mubati Muyambo
Ndowoyo, Garahwa, SE Zimbabwe
Length variable: 20.6 at centre, quite crooked, W: at bottom edge of bottom irregular 19.9, bell-shaped hollowed out to 12.5, soft white wood, dirt and patina.
6 nails hold the right hand wall in place.
Tin rattle plate held in by transverse bar, with 11 bottle tops and string loop to hold right hand little finger.
Keys – lower rank 12, middle rank 13, top rank 5. Bridge propped with 10 nails, thick circular bar without scroll, held down with 5 splayed rivets and wire and nail at ends, with backplate.
Made by Mubati at Ndowoyo, 1972 and coll. by AT with Bonisa Isaac Sithole.
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Grahamstown, South Africa

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