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Njari without LT manual: "TIC 148"

F (closest chromatic pitch)
Buzzers dampened.
Ndowa, Tete District, Mozambique
Bell-shaped body, side walls, repaired with dowel from back. H: 21.3, W: 18.6.
Rectangular bar and tops of notes decorated. Decorated backplate. 29 keys in total incl. 12 in top rank.
Bass notes overtone tuned. Rattle plate with mixed snail shells and square metal pieces held with homemade string.
Very good instr.
Coll HT early 1930s, from Ndowa. No.6 and/or 8 of HT article in African Music.
Same layout as Shona njari but made in central Mozambique style,
i.e. bell-shaped, soft wood body, keys thin & narrow and standing high off the soundboard, often tuned by their overtone.
The three shinier keys made by AT to replace missing ones.
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Grahamstown, South Africa

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