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Nyonganyonga / Malimba: "TIC 154 Sena/Barwe Nyonganyonga"

C (closest chromatic pitch)
No buzzers
Bazari Kaingo
Moz, near Nyanga (Zim)
Coll. by AT, 1969, from Bazari Kaingo at Nyanga, Zimbabwe (who was living in Nyanga but was a Barwe from just over the Moz border).
Bell-shaped body with very low side walls, murungubva white wood, roughly made. 30 keys incl. 5 upper rank.
Rectangular bar held with 4 split rivets. Backplate, brass wire. H: 23.0, W: at bottom 20.5.
Backrest is a piece of flat metal. Almost unplayed.
LU6 key missing.
Pitch of the top RI6 key raised to about an octave above RI6 (in audio software), since it was the same as RI5.
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Grahamstown, South Africa

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