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15-key Karimba 'Nyunga Nyunga': "TIC 162"

F (closest chromatic pitch)
Mounted into circular plywood resonator.
Elliot Ndlovu
Made at Kwanongoma College of African Music, Bulawayo by Elliot Ndlovu, 1980s.
The karimba was adapted by Kwanongoma from Jege Tapera's instrument, which later came to be incorrectly called 'nyunganyunga' following the lead of Dumi Maraire, one of the best known students of Kwanongoma.
The resonator design is based on Hugh Tracey's resonator design.
Hugh Tracey first designed this type of resonator for his own AMI Kalimba, and had it manufactured by Indelicato, an Italian who made guitars for Gallo (Africa) Ltd. near Gillits, Natal.
I gave one of them to my first mbira teacher Jege Tapera, who left it, with his own mbira and another I made for him (which was used for many years as the tuning standard), at Kwanongoma College, where he taught for the last years of his life.
The design was then adapted for use and made in numbers at Kwanongoma. [Andrew Tracey]
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Grahamstown, South Africa

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