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Karimba: "TIC 157"

B (closest chromatic pitch)
No buzzers.
Ruenya River/Moz
Sena/Tonga or Sena/Nyungwe
A Sena/Tonga or Sena/Nyungwe Karimba, collection by Hugh Tracey in 1931 at Ruenya River, Mozambique.
Bell-shaped body, white wood. H: 19.6, W: at bottom 16.2. 25 keys with 12 in upper rank, keys lightly decorated on sides at top end. Backplate. Lightweight rectangular bar held with wires. No rattle plate but a hole is visible for its attachment. Written on back in HT writing. Fine home-made carrying string. [Andrew Tracey]

Coll. H T 1931. No 17 in his article in African Music, looks like similar maker to mana embudzi mbira mbira (TIC129, 130, 131?)
coll. at same time as a njari (prob TIC148) and a now long lost nyonganyonga, which I never saw in the collection.
Refer to HT article reference to three different types of mbira collected in the same village.
Lowest key (and its octaves) are somewhere in the middle between B and Bb.
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Grahamstown, South Africa

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